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HistoGenie is a unique platform for rapid and effective analyses of histological samples. It uses deep learning to assess the differences between histological samples (healthy, cancerous, different stages of cancer), with the aim of a faster evaluation of anomalies.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the word and was responsible for more than 9 million deaths in 2018. The first step in successfully treating cancer is a pathology report, which determines the precise type and the severity of the cancer. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in deciding on the best treatment for the patient. Despite the technological progress, pathologists continue to provide an independent opinion about the tumor diagnosis after manually examining several tumor tissue samples, stained with several markers, hematoxylin and eosin, which is extremely demanding, time-consuming and costly. The usage of AI to help pathologists remains very limited.


Our innovation uses deep learning, a machine learning technique based on artificial neural networks, to help pathologists diagnose cancer. We developed the algorithm by using glioblastoma images, which is the most aggressive and heterogeneous form of brain cancer.  


The core of HistoGenie’s team is multidisciplinary and consists of experienced entrepreneurs, experts from the fields of cancer biology and machine learning.

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